Meet the Team

Never Walk Alone

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are always on the ball, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Non-Profit Organization forward. We’re always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and striving to perfect our programs. Meet some of our incredible members below.


Annette Monge

Lead Trainer

Annette is the lead trainer for Freedom Paws.  She has been training dogs for 20 years.  She knew God was tugging on her heart to train service dogs for Veterans with PTSD, so when she got the call asking her to train for Freedom Paws Service Dogs Foundation, she accepted immediately.  Annette has four two legged adult children and four four legged children.  She also works as a deaf interpreter and encourages those with hearing loss to join in our adventure of training dogs for Veterans and First Responders.


Hero: Corey James

Zach was donated to the program by Steed's Winged Labrador Retrievers.  Zach is a fun loving dog who loves to play in the water.  When it is time to put his vest on he knows it is time to work.  Zach provides Corey with the freedom he deserves after fighting for our freedom.



Hero: Ashley

Goose was donated to the program by an Anonymous Donor.  Goose loves playing with his fur brother and going on hikes.  He ensures Ashley is well taken care of while she attends classes at ISU and provides her the freedom she deserves.


Hero: Stephen

Dakota was donated to the program by Kinze's Kennel.  Dakota loves hide and seek, even behind closed doors she can find Stephen. To ensure Stephen doesn't hide when she's napping on the couch she puts her paw on his leg.



Puppy Raisers: Brenda and Rob Olson

Lenox was donated to the program by Kinze's Kennel.  She enjoys being outside, loves pleasing others and has a nose that can smell for miles.  Lenox is learning all of the necessary skills with Brenda and Rob while she waits to be matched with her HERO.


Hero: Suzie

Annie was donated to the program by Mike Penrod.  This sweet girl loves playing fetch and running as fast as she can in the backyard.  She gives the best snuggles, and loves to hog the bed.  Best of all, she gives Suzie the freedom to live her best life.



Hero: Tony

Gunner was donated to the program by an Anonymous Donor.  He loves to play ball at the park.  Gunner's dedication to his Hero is evident by the new found freedom Tony has gained.


Puppy Raisers: Brealyn Bailliez and Beau Brinker

Dean was donated to the program by Mr. and Mrs. Bliven. Dean likes playing with every toy in the toybox, playing in his baby pool, and looking out the window.  He loves blankets, towels or anything soft to lay on.  Dean is the biggest cuddle bug and will lay at your feet any moment he gets.



Puppy Raisers: Josh and Lindsay Kiefer

Johnny was donated to the program by Kinze's Kennel.  He loves playing with his brother, Roddick, going for walks, and watching the world go by on the deck.  Johnny has mastered many skills and will ensure his future Hero will find freedom.


Puppy Raisers: Jeff and Cara Streitmatter

Hershey was donated to the program by Kinze's Kennel.  He loves to empty the toy basket and play with his toys.  He enjoys spending time with his human sisters and brother as well as his Yorkie sister who rules the house.  He has so much love to give to his future Hero.



Puppy Raiser: Annette Monge

PJ was donated to the program by Codee McClure.  He likes playing with all of the dogs that come to visit, finding the loudest squeaky toy in the house, and chewing on bones.  He is a great snuggler and super sweet boy who is a quick learner and is the missing piece to a Hero's life.


Puppy Raiser: Jamie

Moose was donated to the program by  Jeff and Grace Siebert.  Moose enjoys playing in water, especially in the garden pond.  He also enjoys chilling out in a shady spot on the porch.  He is always eager to go for a walk and loves to learn as well as explore new things.  Moose will always provide DeAnnah with the freedom she deserves!



Puppy Raiser: Tracy Spracklen

Brooke was donated to the program by Leia and David Wall.  She loves any activity outside: hiking, running in the creek, playing fetch.  She loves to play with her Chihuahua, Yorkie and other Chocolate Lab siblings.  Brooke thinks she is a lap dog and wants to snuggle as much as you will let her.  She is excited to provide freedom to her Hero one day!


Hero: Joel

Liberty was donated to the program by Kinze's Kennel. Liberty likes chasing birds in the backyard, pulling the stuffing out of her toys and helping Joel around the house. She loves riding in the truck so Joel hope she likes riding on the motorcycle soon.



Hero: Cliff

Roxie came from Crooked Creek Puppies.  She loves going on walks with Cliff and helping him make his bed in the morning.  Roxie and Cliff are learning what this new freedom is all about.


Puppy Raisers: Mike and Susan Schultz

Chief was donated to the program by Kinze's Kennel. Chief loves to play with the family and especially with Gracie, his dog sister.  His favorite skill is to sit.  He loves to pay attention to what is going on and doesn't miss a thing.  He will sit and stare out the window forever.  Chief is excited to be matched with his Hero!



Puppy Raisers: Jen and Dexter Niedziela

JT was donated to the program by Crooked Creek Puppies.  He is a happy boy who always walks into the room with a smile on his face.  He works hard and wants to make you proud.  JT can't wait for the day he matches with his HERO.